To be well known, well paid, and show up on social media with the kind of confident CEO energy that attracts next level clients, cash, & recognition to your brand & business? 

Learn how to powerfully position yourself on social media as an authority + expert so you can start calling in the dream clients you know you deserve!
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I get it, you're trying to build your business and grow your audience and customer/client base using social media. 

You're an expert (even though you have a hard time admitting it) and love what you do. 

You’re ready to fully OWN your accomplishments and come out from behind the scenes. 

You desire to be “the go to”, for your ideal client and be seen as an authority in your industry. 
You want more people to join your programs and buy your products, damn it!

And you want those people to be empowered, dream boat clients who happily pay you, no questions asked. 

BUT, it feels like you're spinning your wheels. Things feel slow and you're wondering where the ROI is for all your efforts.

And TBH, you would rather get a bikini wax than constantly talk about what you do on social media. You're asking, “Wasn’t this supposed to be easier?”
You're frustrated because you see other people online with half your talent or heart getting paid at the level you desire to be at. You’re wondering where the blindspots are in your marketing and what needs to shift for people to start saying “take my money!”.

if showing up and positioning yourself powerfully & consistently as an expert online wasn't a problem...

And instead of checking off the social media content boxes, hiding behind vanilla marketing and worrying about what people think, business looked like: 
  1. Dream clients running to join your programs and coming out of the woodworks to work with you. 
  2. Instead of people saying "you're so inspiring", they said "take my money!" and "where do I sign up?".
  3. You knew how to articulate your value in the marketplace and effortlessly lead clients to the sale consistently and confidently. 
  4. You gave zero f*cks what people thought,  your online presence was BOLD and distinctively you, PLUS you mastered the art of magnetizing clients via soulful storytelling and full ownership of your achievements & results.  

"Everyone who uses social to market their business needs to be signing up."

"I have leads and potential clients crawling out of the woodworks to work with me and all I'm doing is what you preached in the mini-mind". This shit is GOLD and being in Lindsey's  energy is transformative. 
Lindsay Grooms, Business Coach 

I'm Lindsey Nadler  

and this is literally how I've built multiple, six figure businesses.


First, know that I'm bringing almost a decade of digital marketing and online business experience to the table. Your girl had an e-book and an online membership before Instagram was even a thing ;)

I've been around awhile,  learned the hard way what works and what doesn't and I'm giving you ALL the secrets.  

I've used the exact steps I'm teaching you inside power positioning as the primary income producing strategy in my business. 

Results like 10k and 20k dreamy, high ticket clients with no sales calls...

Launching brand new businesses from scratch that were producing six figures and profitable within the first year. Masterminds, private coaching, courses, all of it. 

Leveraging my personal brand to start a second business ( and expand my company into physical products. 

And this was all before the fancy sales page you're reading and without stressful launches and complicated tech. 

In fact, the very first round of this program was SOLD OUT with no sales page or endless free tips and quotes. Just confident positioning + a bold brand presence on social media that clearly solves my ideal clients most pressing problem.


Inside power positioning, I'm condensing everything I know about positioning, online presence, attraction marketing-that will have you slaying the social media sales game by the way, into a no B.S. 8 week, immersive, high vibe, group experience that will change the way you show up online forever. 
Here's what I know,

You're anything but basic. 

I know what it feels like to be operating as the "Chief Inspiration Officer" serving an endless content monster instead of Chief Executive Officer who's cashing checks and building a strategic content machine.  

I've helped client after client come out of hiding and embrace their unique edge leading to more clients, cash and control over their marketing + sales cycle. 

It doesn't’ matter your personality or if you consider yourself a “basic b*itch”. It doesn’t matter your industry or age.

Your transformation will be palpable.  Get ready to bring your own version of bad b*tch energy to your online presence in a way that magnetizes next level clients to you. 


An 8 week immersive group experience where I'm teaching you everything I know about positioning your brand powerfully, articulating your expertise, and showing up in a way that magnetizes next level cash and clients to your business. 

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4 Live Positioning and Hot Seat Coaching Calls With Lindsey

You'll receive clear feedback and coaching from Lindsey on your positioning, brand presence, and how to hone your unique edge and marketing magnetism, live via zoom calls. These calls are potent and transformative. The group is kept intimate so everyone's questioned are answered. 

Six Pre-Recorded Training Modules

Each module is powerful & succinct and contain notes for you to follow along with. You'll have lifetime access to this material including updates inside your Mini-Mind portal using our online platform Kajabi. Here's a glimpse of what we'll be covering:
  • How to show up consistently as the badass CEO you are on social media-showing your face, your voice, and selling with confidence. You'll learn command presence and how to stand out among a very noisy online world.
  • How to be crystal clear about what you do and direct (not desperate) with sales without being weird. Full coverage of selling via DMS, Lives, Face to Camera stories, Follow Up and Sales Without Sales Calls.
  • The psychology of positioning yourself in a way that has people reaching out to YOU, requesting to work with you, buy your products and join your offers.
  •  The art and science of magnetic energy (BBE vibes) that will help you feel safe with fully OWNING it without caring what other people think. 

Group Voxer Access

Not only will you have Lindsey's expert guidance in your back pocket via voxer (a walkie talkie app) but you'll be able to glean and grow with other entrepreneurs via next level conversations. 
  • Get real time feedback on your marketing. 
  • Celebrate your wins and keep your energy high. 
  • Ask questions and receive redirects &  reframes when you're not feeling it & need support. 

*Exclusive Bonus Access*

PLUS you'll recieve three exclusive trainings and resources (found in none of Lindsey's other programs). 
  • Zero F*cks given Mini course: How to Go from Awkward & Worried About What People Think to Owning it Online.
    (*This comes complete with face to camera confident scripts so you know exactly what to articulate your value in the marketplace.) 
  • Transition Into The Pitch Swipe File: (Lindsey's Tried and True Go To Word Choices that clearly lead clients to sign up with out being salesy or sleasy). 
  • Social Media Content Conversion Tracker: This simple spreadsheet tool allows you to create consistency, & directly track which content coverts so you can repurpose, tweak, rinse and repeat! No need to reinvent the wheel!

Like No Other...

Not all attraction marketing, and social media sales programs are created equal. I wont be teaching you outdated practices, weird bro-marketing methods, cold DM's, or feeling like you have to dance for your dinner on reels or chase people down to work with you.  


I WILL be teaching you my simple, signature framework (the 90/6 social storytelling method + so much more) to creating a powerful, magnetizing online brand that's distinctive in your industry and utterly irresistible to your clients. 

The results? Absolute confidence that you can show up and sell anytime you want. And clients will be reaching out to YOU instead of the other way around. 


Make an aligned CEO decision and choose your investment option below to sign up. You can pay in full or choose a payment plan. 


One you sign up you'll get immediate access to your pre-recorded trainings and bonuses plus an email with your next steps and link to Lindsey's voxer. 


Celebrate! Because you'll officially be a part of the mini-mind. Come introduce yourself on voxer where you'll vote as a group on call times. 

"I feel so much more excited moving forward - like I finally got out of a big slump!"

" I learned so much about clearly, confidently communicating what I do in my business. I was so confused before, and so unsure what to post or WHY I should even post it at all, and the minimind helped me let go of a lot of that confusion and get clear on what my people needed from me on IG."
- Kate Zenchenko, Relationship Coach 

"The insights I got throughout  the first class was worth the entire price of the mini mind."

"Lindsey's straight forward energy is exactly what I've needed and I'm very grateful."
- Vanessa Uybarreta, Energy Coach 


Get ready to be well known, well paid and  unapologetically OWN your expertise. 

- Lindsey Nadler 


you need to succeed.

Because people aren't just going to find you and simply showing up isn't enough. This program isn't just the what and when of online marketing. 

Because it's not just WHAT you do but the WAY you do it. 

What you'll learn inside power positioning is the HOW behind showing up in a way that magnetizes more clients, money and impact to your business.  

After our time together, you'll feel solid in your marketing and positioning strategy instead of resentful and frustrated or scared to really shine
Get ready to not just be known but TOP OF MIND to your ideal clients. 

Next level clients, cash and brand recognition are possible for you too, but you have to take the next step. Are you ready?

SELECT THE PLAN THAT WORKS FOR YOU. *Spots are limited and doors are closing soon!


$2500 USD


  • 4 Live group coaching calls with Lindsey 
  • 6 pre-recorded training modules
  • 8 weeks of group Voxer access
  • BONUS Zero F*s given Course, Face to camera Scripts, Transition into the pitch swipe file, Social Media Conversion Tracker.
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$900 USD


    • 4 Live group coaching calls with Lindsey 
    • 6 pre-recorded training modules
    • 8 weeks of group Voxer access
    • BONUS Zero F*s given Course, Face to camera Scripts, Transition into the pitch swipe file, Social Media Conversion Tracker.
Join the waitlist for $300 off

Extended Payment Plan



  • 4 Live group coaching calls with Lindsey 
  • 6 pre-recorded training modules
  • 8 weeks of group Voxer access
  • BONUS Zero F*s given Course, Face to camera Scripts, Transition into the pitch swipe file, Social Media Conversion Tracker.
Join The Waitlist for $300 Off
  • You find it difficult to articulate exactly what it is you do and call in dream clients and opportunities that are happy to pay you. You feel confused if your message is resonating or not and attracting empowered clients.
  • You're hiding behind vanilla content, diminishing and downplaying what you do and it's blocking wealth from you.
  • You know you don't talk about your offers enough. You struggle to show up and CLEARLY SELL as the confident CEO of your business.
  • You're playing it safe "behind the scenes" of your business doing "all the things" and using that as an excuse. 
  •  You're ready to learn How To Position yourself as authority and talk boldly about your expertise (who you are, what you do and the transformation you facilitate). No more getting put in the friends zone or receiving "you're so inspiring" fan girl messages.
  • You have to continually be convinced to show up and want to stay in a loop of hating social media and letting yourself be exhausted by it. 
  • You tend to hide in group settings or coach other people instead of working on your own business. 
  • You are brand new to social media and want someone to teach you tech tutorials. 
  • You don't take responsibility for your results, aren't willing to do the work or don't commit to paying your invoices on time.
  • You don't have any real expertise and are just copying people online. 

"Lindsey's encouragement to step out in front directly resulted in new clients and increased sales."

"Lindsey's personal  review of all my live content helped refine and tweak in real time. Her knowledge on positioning made it easy to finally outline a masterclass that capitlizes on the results I had been downplaying for years."
- Chelle Temple, Operations Coach



Being the best kept secret in your industry can END today.

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