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For six figure entrepreneurs (or very close to it) that desire to expand their brand, stabilize growth and STILL have a life! A high touch, hyper focused, coaching environment for multi-passionate entrepreneurs or those with multiple businesses. 

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Hear From The Power Pack

HEY CEO, I'm Lindsey Nadler & Here's Why I Created This Mastermind.

You hustled your way to six figures (or close to it). You've experienced incredible growth. You're multi-passionate or own multiple businesses. Things have moved at a rapid pace but...

You're asking, Now what? 

Can your business sustain and support your big dreams? Do you have a sisterhood, a hungry power pack of women that will support you and call you up and in?

I’m inviting you to a larger conversation outside of stacking income, a six figure launch, or chasing the next income goal. 

I'm inviting you to what it would look like to truly love how you FEEL in your business and run it like the grounded leader of a company with a huge vision and the foundation to SUSTAIN it. 

You’ve learned how to survive. Now It’s time to THRIVE. 

It's called the "Passionista Mastermind" because it’s exactly that--a container specially designed to hold and help you create your big multi passionate business dreams with a plan, focus, and sustainable CEO non negotiables for business and life.

By the end of our time together, you can expect to feel like the powerful CEO of a company, with precision focus, systems that work for your season of business, a clear profit plan, map for expansion with the revenue AND quality of life to match.


The Passionista Mastermind Waitlist

Once you join the Waitlist you'll receive an email with your application and next steps.


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