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This year I’m committed to helping a special group of  heart centered, faith forward women that want to serve others and make an impact on the world, take the leap, and build their PASSION based businesses online. 


I'm creating an EXCLUSIVE experience that's high touch and like nothing else out there in the online space. There are only 25 spots available for this round of coaching. 


This isn’t for everyone, but it's for you if...


You're hardworking, teachable, and hungry for more. 


You have a dream, passion, side hustle, or idea burning in your heart and you want to see it come to life, like NOW and you want to learn how to leverage it in the online space.


You know you were made for more and even though you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, you're ready to learn and invest in yourself at a high level.


You're committed to spending 90 days with me and other amazing women, doing the work as well as the personal growth required to get your passion off the ground and to the next level.

Spots are limited! Join our waitlist now and learn how to turn your passion into a profitable reality online!

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What My Clients Tell Me...

"Working with Lindsey has awakened this new confidence in me and up-leveled my thinking. Her business coaching propelled me forward to make a “four year old dream” a “now reality”. Through this “One on One” coaching process she has poured an abundance of her business expertise, knowledge, creativity, technology tips, tools, and tricks into our time together ultimately helping me build my new “6 Week Online Coaching Course. She is truly amazing, over qualified, and loves her “passionista’s”! You will definitely get more than you pay for. Working with Lindsey has changed the course of my life and I am beyond grateful for her living her dreams and stepping into her calling."

Ashley White
Ashley White Wellness

"I reached out to Lindsey for some business and social media coaching and with a few simple tweaks and using her plan- I saw immediate same day results that resulted in a new client! I highly recommend Lindsey and the value she adds to everyone she meets life!"

Brandi Howard
Stylist and Home Staging

"I scheduled two consults with Lindsey—one covered boundaries/communication and the other covered online business. Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable and wise in both areas. After applying her coaching in boundaries/communication, I better understand which things are my personal responsibility versus the responsibility of others and the goal of boundaries—self-control. I know how I want to be treated and which behaviors I will and will not tolerate and am able to communicate my expectations more clearly. Because I’ve learned to exercise the word “no” in a clear yet empathetic way, I feel happier, freer, more peaceful and more loving to everyone around me. I recommend this coaching to anyone who has difficulty saying “no” or who feels out of control of their life. The online business coaching was also incredibly helpful to me as a beginning entrepreneur. There is so much to learn, and Lindsey’s knowledge offers a huge boost in that process. Time and again, Lindsey’s wisdom has empowered me to become more of who God means for me to be. The value of such a service can’t be measured"

Melissa Keaster
Author & Inner Healing Expert

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When You Sign Up For The Waitlist You'll Be Sent An Email With All The Details About the Passion To Profit Business Academy PLUS an Application to See If You're A Good Fit and Secure Your Spot.